Language Teacher 2000 Eng-Ita

Language Teacher 2000 Eng-Ita 1.0

Developed by Ectaco
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Ectaco Language Teacher for Windows is a software version of the Language Teacher electronic handheld dictionaries of Ectaco, Inc. You can use it on any personal computer with the Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP operating system. A large volume Italian/English dictionary database and the ability to translate to and from Italian allow you to select the exact translation according to your needs. The word-for-word translation mode is very useful when all you need is general sense of a phrase or sentence. Language Teacher is now also available in versions for Palm OS and Pocket PC's.
Language Teacher for Windows allows instant word translation and reverse translation. To find a word in the dictionary, just start typing it in the Input Line. A word beginning with the input letters will appear on the screen. You can see all possible translations of the selected word in the Translations List. And you can get the reverse translation by doubleclicking on the word in this list. If you want to find a word or any sequence of letters, there is a Search function to find a word or its part throughout the entire dictionary database. There is a Filtered List which allows you to create a customized list of words for frequent reference and use. You can also get an automatic word-to-word translation of sentences. Just type your sentence in the Source Text window and the translation will appear on the right in the Translation window. If the Clipboard is not empty when the translation window is activated the contents will automatically be translated.

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